1. Data Controller and Organizer
FILMFINITY, S.L., with tax identification number B09626888 and located at St. Eric Satie, 8, 29130, Málaga, is the organizer of various festivals and will be the future data controller of the information provided by the candidates participating in these festivals. Enclosed herein is the following information regarding the intellectual property of the content submitted by the candidates in the festival, such as films, short films, and/or videos.

2. Distribution and Dissemination
To participate in the aforementioned event, candidates must assign the distribution and dissemination rights of their works to the organizer.
A contract for the assignment of these rights will be provided, which will include - in addition to the rights of distribution and dissemination - the rights of publication, marketing, image, and exclusive exploitation. Both parties will sign this contract by mutual consent, to which they have freely and voluntarily agreed.

3. Copyright
This assignment does not grant the organization the right to modify the candidate's work in any way whatsoever, as the primary purpose of the agreement is the distribution and dissemination of videos, clips, feature-length films, and similar materials. There will be no assignment of exploitation rights to third parties without the express consent of the author. The organization may reproduce and disseminate the images using all current technical means and media, including written, audiovisual, and electronic media, as well as the Internet, and any that may be developed in the future, with the sole exception of uses that may infringe on the right to honor as set forth in Organic Law 1/1982 of May 5, 1982, on the civil protection of the right to honor, personal and family privacy, and one's own image.
The organization may exploit the works exclusively both nationally and internationally. There is no territorial limit to the exploitation of the assigned dissemination and distribution rights.

4. Personal Data
For the proper execution of the festival, it is necessary to process the personal data provided by the candidates who have registered for the festival.The personal data collected from the candidates will include:- Name and surnames- Postal address- Email address- Website address (if the communication has been made by a third party)Additionally, personal data of third parties involved in the project must be provided by the candidates; this data will be published along with the project and may be accessed by third parties. The provided data will include:- Name and surnamesFILMFINITY, S.L. will not be responsible for the subsequent processing of data by third parties, nor for the personal data of third parties provided by the candidate along with his/her project.For more information regarding the processing of personal data, please refer to the privacy policy published on or contact the organizer directly at

5. Access to Content
The works provided by the candidate, whether films, short films, videos, or other mediums, will be accessible to all, and the candidates cannot refuse to make them public. By registering, the candidate acknowledges that the submission implies the publication of their registered work and their personal data, both of the candidates and of the third parties provided, on the organizer's website(s) and its subsequent screening at events organized by (and websites of related entities), in order to publicize the works.By registering for the festival, candidates also permit their personal data and work to be shared with third parties that may contribute to the publicity of the work and the event.No registered work will be published without associating it with the author's data. Therefore, any incident in this regard, as well as any refusal by the candidate to publish his/her data, must be reported to FILMFINITY, S.L. via the contact email provided for this purpose,

6. Restricted Use
The use or exploitation of the works published on the website (and websites of related entities), as well as in the screenings of any events carried out by FILMFINITY, S.L., by third parties is strictly prohibited. Improper use may result in both the author and FILMFINITY, S.L. taking necessary actions.

7. Applicable Law and Competent Courts
The works submitted by festival candidates are subject to Spanish intellectual property laws, specifically the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of April 12, 1996, which approves the consolidated text of the Intellectual Property Law, regulating, clarifying, and harmonizing the statutory provisions on the matter.Any dispute arising from or related to the use of the works will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts and tribunals in Málaga.